Dato Professor Joseph Adaikalam is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Binary University. He was the First Malaysian Indian Vice Chancellor appointed by the Minister of Higher Education, Malaysia.

He was born on the National Day of Malaysia (31st August 1960)and is a chartered accountant by profession. He completed his postgraduate studies at Edinburgh Business School,Scotland.Dato Professoris a pioneer in the private higher education industry in Malaysia and has helped to shape this sector over the last 30 years. For his contribution to the nation in 2007, he was knighted by His Royal Highness Sultan of Negeri Sembilan, the 10th King of Malaysia with the award Dato Paduka Tuanku Jaffar (DPTJ) which carries the title “Dato”. In January 2015, he was knighted a second time by His Majesty The King of Malaysia with the title Dato Paduka Mahkota Kedah (DPMK) for his contribution internationally.

The following is a brief summary of the positions he holds in government, industry and charitable organizations.

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