Jawahar Patani is an innovator and solutions provider with a background in various fields. He has an outstanding reputation of being able to fix even the most complicated situations with his versatile out of the box thinking. While his background is wide and not limited to one area he has a passion for spreading education and technology. He was one of the founding fathers and creators of the Rural Internet Kiosk (RIK). RIK was a solar powered 3 terminal computer station that would take Internet and technology to even the remotest parts of the world and had a user friendly interface to allow anyone to learn to use technology and educate themselves. He has a dream to bridge the digital divide, so that the power of the internet and computing can be available to all from the base of the pyramid to the generations born before the technological revolution.

Jawahar’s one-of-a-kind thinking and innovativeness has led to him exploring all sorts of mediums, from high spec computers to entry level smartphones and free-to-air TV terminals (AISHA PROJECT) with an aim to open up the education system and help learners think critically for themselves, and is currently working on how to incorporate VR(virtual reality) and robotics (IoT) for education. Jawahar is married and has daughters who are self educating on online learning platforms and is now looking at developing a skills platform for native language speakers among other projects.

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