• Co-Founder LTT Global Communications
• Co-Founder MyMobileUniversity
• Co-Founder of Asia Pacific Mobile Learning & Advisory Panel
• Co-Founder of Mobile Industry Group

Wemel Cumavoo, LTT Global’s Co-Founder and CEO since 2004 is a global pioneer in mobile learning and have been instrumental in the development and implementation of numerous projects to promote mobile learning. He has spent much of his life devoted to impacting lives through education.

A prominent businessman being in business for the past 45 years, allows him to draw from a deep reserve of experience to provide insightful, creative solutions to business challenges. He sits on the Board of Directors of several local and international companies ranging from education, resorts to consumer products.

In 2000 with the birth of the millennium, his interests in electronic business and learning fascinated him, knowing very well this is going to be the next major revolution after the industrial revolution. LTT Global Group was formed with a vision to make learning accessible and affordable.

His entrepreneurial spirit, strong business acumen and visionary leadership has led to LTT Global being a recipient of many local and international awards in recognition of the mobile learning work done and initiatives deployed. A supporter of socially conscious ventures, Wemel co-founded MyMobileUniversity a global initiative to impact lives through a FREE learning platform, and is a key learning partner for projects in India, Nepal, Liberia, Uganda and Malaysia. He e works closely with among others, with the World Assembly of Youth, Google Educator Group, UNICEF, NGOs’ globally and the Association for People with Special Needs. His passion is to impact lives through education, which in return will help individuals and their families improve their lives and the society as a whole. He serves as a speaker, panelists, Advisors and Mentors for global companies and sits on committees driving the mobile sector among others:

• Co-Founder and Advisor on the Asia Pacific Mobile Learning & Edutainment Advisory Panel (APACMLEAP)
• Co-Founder and Advisor for the Mobile Industry Group (MOBIG)
• Co-Founder of Mobile Monday Malaysia
• Mentor for the Mobile Catalyst for the Global Entrepreneur Week since 2008
• Mentor for the Mobile Content Challenge organized by Maxis, SKMM, and KPKK
• Member of the United Nations Global Alliance for ICT and Development (UN-GAID)
• Member of the elearningEuropa an eLearning initiative of the European Commission seeking to mobilize the educational and cultural communities
• Member of the Internet Soceity

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